aiowsgi - minimalist wsgi server using asyncio

Require python 2.7, 3.3+



You like it ? =>


Install the software:

$ pip install aiowsgi

Launch the server:

$ aiowsgi yourmodule:application
$ aiowsgi -h

You can also use a paste factory

use = egg:aiowsgi

Notice that all options will not work. aiowsgi just use waitress with a custom server factory but not all adjustments are implemented.


aiowsgi.serve(application, **kw)[source]

Serve a wsgi application

aiowsgi.create_server(application, ssl=None, **adj)[source]

Create a wsgi server:

Then use or loop.run_forever()

class aiowsgi.thread.WSGIServer(app, host='', port=None)[source]

Stopable WSGI server running in a thread (not main thread). Usefull for functionnal testing.


server.url will contain the url to request

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